The Haven Gateway Partnership secured £2.2 million of European funding as part of a £5.5m project designed to shift more than 16,000 containers off the roads and onto rail or coastal shipping. The three year Low Carbon Freight Dividend project aimed to support 71 SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises) in making important changes in the way they transport freight – with significant environmental benefits. 
Eligible SMEs in the East of England were offered a grant of up to £70,050 for switching their container freight movements.  For each container switched, up to 30% (capped at £75 per container journey) could be claimed.

As well as the dividend, the project also offered workshops on Freight Optimisation and Low Carbon Marketing. As part of the specially designed website, there is a knowledge bank which was updated throughout the life of the project and access to the containerised cargo carbon calculator, an online tool to enable cargo movement methods to be compared, along with the carbon emissions.
Here are some of the key facts and figures from the project:
  • Fifty nine companies signed up to the project.
  • Many more enquired but were not eligible either due to their size or their location outside of the East of England
  • We helped companies switch more than 12,500 containers from road to rail or coastal shipping
  • This saved at least 4 million road miles and more than 5.5 million kg of CO2 from the supply chain.
  • Most containers left or returned to the Port of Felixstowe but we also recorded claims from Tilbury and London Gateway.
  • The majority of containers were switched by rail but we did see some movements by coastal feeder towards the end of the project.
To view a full list of SME's who were assisted through the Low Carbon Freight Dividend click here.

To find out more information click here to visit the Low Carbon Freight Dividend website. 
If you would like to discuss the project, please email the Project Manager, Lisa Brazier or phone 01206 713612 or 07714 488949.