The Haven Gateway Partnership – "providing a framework through which partner organisations can work together to promote economic opportunities and secure the future prosperity of this major gateway to the East of England"

The Haven Gateway Partnership was created in 2001. It was then and remains now, an unincorporated partnership based upon voluntary membership. It undertakes its activities through its Chairman and a small executive, facilitated through the good offices of its Accountable Body - Essex County Council.

The Partnership came into existence to support the interests of what it's original partners believed to be a distinct economic sub region, based upon a study undertaken by Dr Peter Townoe, a visiting professor at the University of Essex. His work and the collective efforts of the Partnership eventually achieved recognition in 2003/04 when the Haven Gateway was specifically identified as a policy area in documents such as the Regional Spatial Strategy for the East of England. This was later supported by its designation as a "Growth Point" by the Government and the award of substantial development funding.

Today, this funding and regional policy landscape has changed out of all recognition but the Partnership believes the Haven Gateway remains relevant as a distinct economic sub region, indeed the importance of the Ports to the sub regional economy has only grown.  

The Haven Gateway Partnership provides its members - the local authorities and major businesses of the area - with a framework through which to lobby and to promote its key economic assets and the investment needs and growth opportunities of this significant and fast growing economic sub region. With so much competition for the limited funding available, the Haven Gateway is always looking for ways to ensure the sub region remains at the forefront of the minds of key decision makers be they Government Ministers or those at the South East and New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnerships. It continues to strive to highlight the significance of the Haven Ports cluster of Felixstowe and Harwich, leverage its other key economic assets such as BT's international research establishment at Adastral Park and the University of Essex, together with lobbying for investment in the strategic transport links which connect these to the rest of the country - particularly the A12, A14, A120 and strategic rail network.