Figures released today by the A120 campaign have highlighted the safety record on the A120 and its damaging economic consequences. Over the 7 year period (2009-2015) there has been an average of 34 accidents a year on the stretch between Braintree and Marks Tey. A road traffic collision where people are injured costs on average £76,466 according to the Department for Transport (DfT), which means that over the last 7 years the total cost of accidents on the A120 has been £18.1m. The average cost per year over the last 7 years has been £2.6m.

When looking at the cost of the specific type of casualties injured on the A120 over the last 7 years, the economic cost rises. This is because some types of casualties, depending on their severity, cost more than the average figure of £76,466. This means the average cost over the last 7 years has been £2.7m a year (£19.1m in total).

Whilst not all casualties on the road would be prevented by a route upgrade, the 5 options being analysed at present suggest road safety benefits of between £50M to £60M over the lifetime of the scheme, and would also provide road safety benefits in the adjoining areas as well as on the A120.

George Kieffer, Chairman of the Haven Gateway Partnership, commented:

“We are reminded all too often of the tragic consequences of not investing in a new, high quality, dual carriageway A120. These figures reinforce the message that we simply cannot afford to wait any longer. The current A120 between Braintree and Marks Tey is not fit for purpose. It is holding us back and it is costing our local economy millions every year.”