We would like to recruit a panel of industry experts who we can call upon to give practical mentoring and expert advice and support to individual SMEs within the Transport and Logistics sector as well as those who move goods from A to B (ie manufacturers etc). We would like experts to offer virtual 1:1 mentoring support (up to 9 hours per SME over a 2—3 month period including writing up follow up reports for SMEs). This support can run through until the end of September 2022.

Industry experts should have director level experience of working in the transport or logistics sector or function or be part of the supply chain supporting it and be passionate about using their experience to help SMEs to gain efficiencies through better use of data by digitalising their systems, operations and processes. They should have senior leadership, business strategy experience, a commercial focus, experience of working with SMEs and in consulting, mentoring or coaching.

We are looking for individual consultants who have expertise and experience in one or more of the following areas.

  • Operations and Processes
  • Logistics systems including transport management systems, vehicle compliance, stock management, despatch systems
  • Ecommerce fulfilment
  • Data analytics and Business Intelligence
  • Cyber Security
  • Digital capability
  • People and data

This list is not exhaustive and should you have additional expertise that you can offer that fits within the TALE project, you should include this within your response.

Read the complete brief: TALE Industry Expert Brief

Please send your response by Friday 6 May 12noon to Lisa Brazier by email: lisa.brazier@haven-gateway.org

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