TALE has clocked up 3 important milestones - First Grants Awarded - Cyber Security Workshops Commence - Tilbury Showcase Announced


  • The first grants to SMEs have been awarded: £75,000 was distributed in February 2019, from the total pot of £1,890k available now.  The contributions will lever investment business cases with budgets totalling over £188,000 and are being spent on acquiring new software and recruiting new staff.


  • Phising is identified as the most common type of Cyber Attack: The University of Kent led a workshop on Cyber Security.  Dr Özgür Kafalı and Dr Jason R.C. Nurse – both Lecturers for the School of Computing, focused on the latest threats to the supply chain, including phising and 'social engineering' - where the hacker get's the unwitting business to do their dirty work.  Company delegates were given advice on the latest methods of detection and protection.


  • Tilbury Transport & Logistics Event date set for 26 March 2019: The Port of Tilbury are hosting a morning showcasing TALE, including taster sessions to help business consider how data relates to their operation and how it could bring efficiencies such as saving time and money and opportunities to grow.  The free event will include a demonstration of the TALE diagnostic tool that provides a report on current digital capability and highlights opportunities to improve.


TALE (Transport And Logistical Efficiences) is the new EU funding programme for SMEs with a logistics function - including freight transport, manufacturing and a range of commercial services.  The EU funded programme uses data analytics to create a wealth of opportunities - visit the website to claim grants, attend workshops and reserve a place at the next event: