Our Vision:
Driving inclusive economic growth in the Haven Gateway Area
To work with partners to facilitate the delivery of an inclusive economy for the Haven Gateway area’s residents, workers and businesses by capitalising on its location as a key international gateway and realising its potential for significant growth through an additional focus on innovative sectors, knowledge-based employment and the provision of appropriate housing and infrastructure and skills.
The key components of this vision include:


  • Advocacy on behalf of the economic geography of the Haven Gateway Partnership area and securing appropriate infrastructure to facilitate sustainable growth.
  • A focus on the key sectors of the Haven Gateway Partnership area and facilitating business support programmes where appropriate, particularly innovation-based support for those sectors to grow sustainably
  • Assisting partners to manage high levels of housing growth in the most sustainable way possible including encouraging infrastructure improvements in their widest sense and job creation
  • Encouraging knowledge-based employment linked to Adastral Park, the University of Essex and the University of Suffolk
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