The I-CONSTRUCT project vision is to drive innovation and productivity in the construction sector.

Covering the South East Local Enterprise Partnership area (SELEP comprises Essex, Kent, East Sussex) I-CONSTRUCT will enable timely delivery of high quality and sustainable housing and infrastructure, as it generates growth in Construction and related sectors such as IT, Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering and Renewable Energy.  Plans include a business support programme and grant scheme for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) working in the construction market; the building of a permanent innovation hub; and the creation of a business network - all of which will enable collaboration, innovation and jobs growth across the construction supply chain.

Areas of focus for the I-CONSTRUCT project include:

  • Developing routes to market for SMEs: to provide scale-up opportunities and stimulate innovation
  • Innovation and Acceleration of off-site construction techniques and related design methods
  • Adoption and increased take up of high quality expertise across IT, renewable energy and design
  • Construction Supply Chain Development
  • Job Creation
  • New Product/Service launches
  • Building awareness of the need and benefits of innovation and new skills within SMEs
  • Student Enterprise in Further and Higher Education

I-CONSTRUCT is led by the Haven Gateway Partnership and its delivery partners: Braintree District Council, The BRE (Building Research Establishment), Colchester Institute, Daedalus Ltd, and will collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders across the SELEP area to deliver the project.

The £7.5M project has in principle approval of an ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) grant; Braintree District Council is now working to submit the planning application for the innovation hub, with construction and support schemes commencing Autumn 2019 (all subject-to-contract and planning).

Please get in touch with the I-CONSTRUCT team so we can update you on progress via email