Build your business with I-Construct

I-Construct helps SMEs grow by opening up new opportunities in the construction and built environment sector.

Construction is set to be a growth industry in the coming years, with a huge amount of infrastructure and housing development planned. Small and medium-sized businesses, through their specialist knowledge and innovative products and services, could benefit from accessing new business opportunities in this growth market.

Could your business be part of this future?

Who is it for?

I-Construct creates opportunities for a wide range of small to medium-sized businesses:

  • SMEs in the construction and built environment sector
  • Companies from other sectors, that are already in the construction and built environment supply chain
  • Companies wanting to join the sector’s supply chain
  • Entrepreneurs wanting to enter the sector

I-Construct also works with larger companies and organisations to help develop their supply chains by connecting them with local SMEs through its network.

The I-Construct network welcomes members from the whole supply chain but to qualify for I-Construct 1:1 support or grant funding, each SME business will need to meet the following initial criteria:

  • Be considered as an enterprise. An enterprise is ‘any entity engaged in an economic activity (the sale of products or services at a given price, in a given/direct market), irrespective of its legal form’.
  • Employ fewer than 250 people.
  • Have either an annual turnover not exceeding €50m, or an annual balance-sheet total not exceeding €43m, as evidenced by last approved annual accounts.

Find out more

Visit the I-Construct website.

Join one of our webinars aimed at small and medium-sized businesses to introduce I-Construct.  Email or speak to one of our team of Business Support Facilitators:

Sian Dowell 07739 971659, Patrick Maynard 07739 971658 or Fred Thomas 07739 971655

To find out how you could work with I-Construct as a larger company or organisation, contact our Business Development Manager, Robert Edge on 07999 024282