I-Construct works 1:1 with small and medium-sized enterprises to assess their business plan, agree tailored business support, and offer project-specific help with business development or grant-funding applications. Our Facilitator team will work with businesses as part of a 3 hour 1:1 diagnostic process, to develop each company’s individual support plan. 

As part of the I-Construct support plan, all eligible SME companies will be offered:

  • Membership of the I-Construct network, which offers profile-raising support, local events, and networking opportunities with clients, industry experts and other SMEs and is worth between £300 and £800 depending on company size;
  • A webinar and events programme to meet potential new clients and gain practical and industry-specific support from experts in procurement readiness, business strategy, new technology and market development;
  • Use of the new I-Construct hub building;
  • Use of a technology suite in the I-Construct hub building, and a webinar and events programme through which companies can try new software and equipment;
  • Advice on where else they can get support outside of the I-Construct project.

I-Construct also offers SMEs a choice of two additional routes to work on their business priorities:

  • Business development support: up to 9 hours of free 1:1 business mentoring and advice worth £1,200; or
  • Grant funding: the opportunity to apply for a grant of between £1,000 and £20,000 to part-fund the development and launch of a new product or service. (Requires the company to provide 70% of the funding for a project, with 30% being supported through a grant that does not need to be repaid.)