Health and Care

The health and social care sector across the Gateway, employs over 51,000 people (around 23,500 in health and the remainder in residential and non-residential care activities), and accounts for about 2,550 businesses. Employment growth has been strong, driven by a rising (and ageing) population.

Local concentrations are associated with the main regional service centres at Colchester and Ipswich, although Tendring also has a relatively high employment concentration, driven by its large residential care sector.

Life sciences is a small sector in the Haven Gateway. According to the Office for Life Sciences database, there are 29 businesses in the sector, none of which are engaged in pharmaceuticals R&D. All but three are involved in the production of medical devices, with larger businesses including OrthoSolutions, based at Maldon, which supplies specialist foot and ankle products. The sector also includes two large support businesses: Intertek, based in Ipswich, which provides auditing, testing and inspection services to the pharmaceuticals industry, and Genevac, based in Colchester, a supplier of chemical systems to medical research laboratories.

Academic assets include the Essex Biomedical Science Centre at the University of Essex, which promotes biomedical translational research in collaboration with the regional NHS Partnership Trusts. Within the University’s Faculty of Science and Health, there is also a research focus on ageing and assisted living, drawing on the University’s strengths in computer science.