Low Carbon and Renewables

Based on a ‘core definition’, low carbon and environmental goods and services employ around 10,000 people, working within around 1,100 businesses. A further 2,000 people are estimated to work in low carbon activities within the wider construction, manufacturing and agriculture sectors, suggesting a total low carbon and renewables workforce of around 10,000 – 12,000.

Overall, the Haven Gateway contains a high concentration of employment in the low carbon and renewables sector, particularly in Braintree, Mid Suffolk and Tendring (mostly driven by environmental services and recycling) and in Suffolk Coastal (mostly linked with nuclear electricity production).

The Haven Gateway has historically had a substantial nuclear energy presence, which is likely to expand. Two of the three nuclear new build projects being developed by EDF and China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN) are located within the Haven Gateway: 

  • Sizewell C, on the Suffolk coast. The existing Sizewell B power station will remain operational until the middle of the century, while the second stage of consultation has now been completed on the development of the Sizewell facility at Sizewell C. When complete, this is estimated to generate around 900 permanent jobs 
  • Bradwell B, near Maldon. This is currently at the pre-planning stage (so is much less advanced than Sizewell).

In the medium term, new employment and supply chain opportunities associated with the nuclear industry will be related to the construction phase; in the longer term, the industry itself will be a significant direct employer.

Offshore wind installations off the Essex and Suffolk coast include Gunfleet Sands (172 MW) and Greater Gabbard (504 MW).  Adjacent to the Greater Gabbard wind farm off the Suffolk coast, is the 336 MW Galloper farm. 

Harwich International Port served as the installation base for the Gunfleet Sands and Greater Gabbard developments, and is proposed as the operations and maintenance centre for Galloper. 

OrbisEnergy at Lowestoft offers an innovation park for businesses in the renewable energy sector. It currently accommodates around 40 firms, the majority of which operate in the energy or marine sectors. 

The Haven Gateway also has a significant presence in the environmental services sub-sector.